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TTotD: The Patchouli Brothers - Project Soul (Edit)

Updated: May 4, 2021

Moton Records Inc's latest release has been on heavy rotation in my Terzetto livestream sets on FeelThingsRadio ever since I snagged a pre-release copy last month. Moton Records Inc is a UK re-edit label run by Darren House, aka Diesel, and Dave Jarvis. I 've got every release, & they are stunners all. This release was a "no-need-to-listen" immediate purchase not just simply because it is a Moton release, but it's by O&O pals The Patchouli Brothers.

For my Track of the Day pick, I wanted to highlight the track that has been a nice intro or outro joint - "Project Soul." It's a solid edit of Con Funk Shun's sweet jam "Secrets (Of Your Mind)" from their 1977 album of the same name.

What drew me to Toronto's Patchouli Brothers is a shared affinity for the eccentric, oddball side of house, disco, soul & esoteric sounds as evident on their killer edits on Defected, Soundway, GAMM, Star Creature, Pleasure of Love & Basic Fingers. I first heard them, pre-pandemic of course, at the monthly Beam Me Up disco parties in Montreal (they did it - & hopefully soon - weekly in their hometown). The O&O crew are big fans, which is why we asked them to contribute an exclusive mix early on our series.

On "Edits" they have delivered four killer edits here on Moton, offering a dish of powerful soul, energetic funk, & sexy late night boogie. But my favorite is the last track of low slo-mo sweet soul. I find it a solid choice for those long set build ups or when you need to slowly escort the revelries into the wee morning hours. I love the smooth brass licks, precision drum fills & rich vocal harmonies that create a warm & welcoming experience.

Track Info

Track: Project Soul

Artist: The Patchouli Brothers

Edit Source: Secrets (Of Your Mind) by Con Funk Shun

Label: Moton Records

Release date: April 13, 2021

Available at: Juno Records & Phonica Records (UK)

Listen on the Decks:

Source Material:

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