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TTotD: She's Out There (Local Artist Cult Mix) by KLEIN ZAGE

Updated: Aug 30, 2021


OVER&OVER Track of the Day = DONNA SUMMER - Sunset People

Today’s track of the day is fresh dose of garage and a splash of house for your Tuesday listening pleasure and most certainly your weekend late night crates -- "She's Out There (Local Artist Cult Mix)" by Klein Zage.

OVER&OVER Track of the Day: She's Out There (Local Artist Cult Mix) by Klein Sage

Klein Zage is the moniker for Sage Redman, a New York City based American DJ and producer. She is also the co-founder of Orphan Radio and Records.

In March, she released a six-track EP Womanhood. Redman describes it as "a swift explosion of pepper spray house and feminine energy" and that it is a "nihilistic declaration of womanhood.”

While it delivers three killer originals and three remixes, for me the stand-out track I have on repeat is "She's Out There (Local Artist Cult Mix)." Sage Redman describes it as "a self-help book made by the patriarchal system."

The track is layered with a vocal that throughout echoes a smart, satirical attack on a patriarchal, capitalistic system and spoofs how marketing objectifies women.

OVER&OVER Track of the Day: She's Out There (Local Artist Cult Mix) by Klein Sage

Vancouver's Local Artist, who Redman says she "bonded with over broken sinks and Overcooked," reshapes the track into a playful, dubbed-out Balearic stepper.

I simply love how the track hits you while at the same time being a buoyant, left-field tech-house jam.

I highly recommend you cop this smart, danceable, feminist EP. Sadly, the vinyl appears to be sold out but easy to get the digital version on their Bandcamp page.


TRACK: She's Out There (Local Artist Cult Mix)

ALBUM: Womanhood EP

ARTIST: Klein Zage | Local Artist

LABEL: Orphan Records

RELEASE: March 1, 2021

PURCHASE: Bandcamp

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