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TTotD: Let's Have Fun Again by TONY WATSON

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

Los Angeles

OVER&OVER Track of the Day = DONNA SUMMER - Sunset People

Today’s Tuesday Track of the Day is delivered hot-off-the-press by our pal TONY WATSON.

Tony Watson is well-known with those who have been part of LA’s underground house & disco scene. Tony has been making waves in the SoCAL capital for nearly three decades as a DJ, designer, record label owner, and party professional.

***Check out the exclusive mix he dropped for us back in March***

The Adult Contemporary label boss launches a solo cut from the outer reaches of the universe arriving in our orbit just in time for the Autumn equinox. This is futuristic synth music with a hopping bass line - something to ride to in your car, the club or in the air. Stellar work from one of our favorite artists & people.


TRACK: Let's Have Fun Again

ALBUM: Let's Have Fun Again

ARTIST: Tony Watson

LABEL: Adult Contemporary

RELEASE: September 21, 2021

PURCHASE: Bandcamp

Follow on da Gram: Adult Contemporary | Tony Watson

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