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One of my favorite new edit series, JUST WHAT THE WORLD NEEDS is just what we need this summer (& what you need in your crates).

OVER&OVER Track of the Day = DONNA SUMMER - Sunset People

For this week's Track of the Day, I am going with Side A, track 2 from Series 02 -- "Never Get Over You."

This edit series has three releases to date, one just released this past may. I always have them handy in my crates as they are all crowd pleasures and fire on the floor.

Each release, like "Never Get Over You," are a fresh grab of disco edit burners from a mysterious figure with no prior history we can discern, and on a newly minted label to boot.

I love a good edit mystery that makes you dig further. What is certain is that. you can let yourself go and get lost in the groove. Don't worry, be happy & dance. Each track in these mysterioso gems are feverish heaters that will rip the roof off wherever you may be. Each edit is lubed and looped up in all the right places to tease the energy of the crowd and get bodies moving. Every edit, so far, are sweet and slinky gems that are masterfully stretched out with class to keep you in the feeling all night.

JUST WHAT THE WORLD NEEDS offers carefully tidied and trimmed edits of classic oldies. TO date, these edit masters press up limited quantities and promise to never repress. So if you like what you hear, you best move fast on these tasty dance floor morsels before they are gobbled up for good.

But for the TRACK OF THE DAY -- For me, Side A Track 2 is where things get flipped entirely for 'Never Get Over You' with its open air feelings and sunny-day melodies all backed by huge strings.

Again, if you like - don't walk run to snag copies. The folks behind the veil promised not to offer any represses. I do have my suspecions that a well-scented brotherly duo may be behind these beauties, but let's keep it a tasty mystery and just let the music take us where we need to all go.

TRACK: Never Get Over You

ALBUM: Just What the World Needs 02

ARTIST: Unknown

LABEL: Just What the World Needs

ORIGINAL SOURCE: "Never Get Over You" by Blue Magic from the 1974 album "The Magic Of The Blue"

RELEASE: March, 2021



Original Track:

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