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TTotD: AL KENT - The Loneliest One

Updated: Aug 30, 2021


First, let's hear from the horse's mouth - the horse being the legendary AL KENT:

"A few years ago I stumbled across these amazing recordings by Waq Takahashi - disco tracks, recorded properly, with musicians and stuff. I was pretty blown away with them. So I asked if I could remix some. Which I did. Then I lost the files. Then I forgot. Then I did other stuff. Then I found one of the sessions I'd been working on by complete accident. And I forgot how good this stuff is. So I finished it. Went to tape. The lot. And now it's coming out on a limited edition 12" single."

We are stoked Al found the session, a happy accident for us! Al Kent's Million Dollar Disco returns in full effect with a single-sided 12" tasty slice of luxurious disco. Al Kent edits up the vocal from "Ask The Lonely" by The Four Tops and some sweet nuggets from "It Seems To Hang On" by Ashford & Simpson.

What I love about this edit is the dependable edit mastery Kent is known; always lovingly dusting off some of disco's forgotten or under-appreciated gems. Kent has produced a warm, bubbling joyful track that is a sure fire to give the dance floor all the feels, which we can accredit to its being mixed down at the legendary Green Door studio in Glasgow.

Turn it up, happy discoing...


Track: The Loneliest One

Edit Sources: "Ask The Lonely" by The Four Tops & "It Seems To Hang On" by Ashford & Simpson

Artist: Al Kent

Label: Million Dollar Disco

Release date: April 26, 2021

Available at: Juno


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