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029: The Rarified Air of RAYKO

Updated: Jun 10, 2021


Spain’s electronic music scene is often associated with the airy windswept sounds of balearic music that emerged from the iconic Ibiza scene where tourists have flocked on holiday for many decades. While we love all things balearic here at OVER&OVER, we’re pleased to share a mix from a Spanish DJ who has been an essential musical output for the last 20+ years with a distinct sound: the owner of Rare Wiri Records and one of the most talented producers and editors in the game, Rayko.

Rayko hails from Spain’s capital, Madrid, far away from the sandy beaches and chill vibes of the white Isles. Rayko grew up immersed in music and by his teens became deeply enamored with disco, boogie and hip hop. With a strong background and training in music, Rayko waded into the nu-disco craze of the 90’s and 2000’s creating his own edits and original productions and quickly gained notoriety for his skills and work.

By 2008, Rayko’s productions and DJ’ing had taken off. He became a highly sought after producer and DJ globally on the Nu-Disco circuit. In 2008 he formed Rare Wiri records, which served as a platform for original productions from himself and his global music family.

Rare Wiri consistently puts out electronic music with a futuristic bent, characterized by heavy bass, electric guitar melodies and catchy synthesizers arrangements. Think 80’s music on steroids. Rayko makes music aimed directly at the dancefloor, and he does so at an absurd pace. It seems that Rayko drops music almost weekly, whether its a new edit or original production. The quality of his releases is always high, and he knows exactly what the club goer wants to hear.

Rayko’s mix keeps up the vibe with an hour of exclusive cuts of house, disco and futuristic electronic music. Enjoy.


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