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ESPECIAL 020: "Sin Prisa" - A Post Pandemic Mix by DJ GONZO

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

ESPECIAL 20: "Sin Prisa" - A Post Pandemic Mix by DJ GONZO

Happy Friday! As this tropical storm touches down on the East Coast of the US we're lucky enough to have Señor Gonzalo Castillo Lozano to transport us to warmer places. Gonzo is an esteemed selector from Espana, where he has held residencies at the DNA club in Barcelona, which he helped establish. Gonzo has a radio show called "The Cosmic Rider" on Dublab ESP and "Emissions from the Other Side" on TeslaFM, which are opportunites for him to tap into his vast record collection spanning avant-garde, jazz, international, disco, house, and everything in between.

A music historian, he also has been active in reissuing music, and with his pal DJ Dani Blue, curated a huge avant-garde/experimental mix of Spanish music from 1975-1995 commissioned by the influential Victor Nubla entitled "20 Years of Avant-Garde & Electronic Music in Spain", an epic "three-and-a-half-hour lasting travel through time, a fascinating journey through the musical underground of cities in an extremely important period, with respect to the transformation and shift in paradigm experienced by western popular music in those years (Dublab). "

To put it simply, this DJ has incredible knowledge, range and taste and we're thrilled to have him deliver us an ESPECIAL. He put together a mix of balearica infused with the flavors of his current favorites, and it is pure class in true Gonzo fashion. Tune in on this wet Friday to be moved to a dreamier, warmer, white isle landscape. Gracias, Gonzo!


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