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ESPECIAL 024: Take a journey through time & space with BAD LIEUTENANT's Satori mixtape

Influenced by Baldelli's mixtapes from the golden era of the Cosmic club, O&O co-founder BAD LIEUTENANT produced a limited series of underground mixtapes from 2014-2017 that were disseminated to a local few. Today's Especial revives the 2015 "Satori" mix from Bad Lieutenant's "Cosmic Mixtape" archive for your listening pleasure.

Here is the original tape description:

"Sultry, sweaty and psychedelic, disco witchdoctor Bad Lieutenant's SATORI mixtape is nothing less than a sonic creation story; a selected history of space-time written in Afro-polyrhythms and bathed in hot bass.

And the musical narrative seems to say this: From darkness came light. From stardust, life. From the hunger, hunting. From hunting, our first drum skin. Then we danced around the fire, under the firmament, and into the future."

We hope you enjoy the journey!

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