ESPECIAL 017: Pacific Beach Bumping with BOB DAZZLA


This week's Especial comes courtesy of Bob Dazzla. Bob is a DJ and producer based out of San Diego, CA. Bob is the one of the resident DJs and organizers of the notorious "BUMP" parties in San Diego, which have hosted some of the best underground DJ's in the world like our pals Tiago and Kaos. Bump is a spirited, house and disco uplifting affair and Bob's reputation as a serious DJ of skill, knowledge and taste has grown through its tenure, while still maintaining a reputation as a super nice guy. Not to be understated!

Along with fearless leader Hugh Herrera, Bob helps where and when needed over at Pacific Beach Vinyl, a record shop focusing on underground dance and electronic music. PBV is one of North America's essential record distributors, known for its deep and unique collection of records of the underground persuasion. Bob takes to the airways on Los Angeles's Dublab radio bi-weekly monthly to play some of his favorite jams that are currently stocked have recently touched down at PBV.

I've been harassing Bob about doing a mix for our OVER&OVER PRESENTS series, but he's a busy dude. He kindly sends me the recordings of his Pacific Beach Playback mixes every show, tracklists included, and was kind enough to let us use his most recent one. This one is from the 12th of May and gives you a great idea of the selection at Pacific Beach Vinyl and Bob's sensibility as a DJ. Here's what Bob had to say about it: "I'm not sure what to say other than that each month's show is a presentation of my favorite songs that have arrived at the shop over the last month -- thoughtfully sequenced -- with intentful emotional handoffs that make sense to me. I look forward to what YOU make of it. Good luck and happy listening to you all."

So plug in Bob's mix and enjoy the sounds emanating from your speakers while checking out the PBV catalog where you'll find gem after gem.

Track List:

01 Gianna Brezzo - Mental Shower - Into The Light

02 Smandem - 12 AM In Bali - Super Sonic Jazz

03 Delay Tactics - Almost Touching - Emotional Rescue

04 Nico Mecca - Floppy Computer II - Perodica

05 Hysteric - Pleiades - Duca Bianco

06 Plastic Mode - Baja Imperial - Discoring

07Jex Opolis - Dubsystem - Good Timin’

08 DJ Absolutely Shit - A Night At Shelley's Laserdome (20.2K Remaster) - Red Laser Records

09 Delay Tactics - Cymbolia - Emotional Rescue

10 Roland P. Young - So Very Easy - Palto Flats

11 White Light - I Hear A Whale Song - Stroom

12 La Bellini - Far L'Amore Io Da Sola - Groovin

13 Franz Scala - Sweet Carillon - Duca Bianco

14 Jex Opolis - Net Worth (Dub) - Good Timin’

15 RFX - Midnight Queen (RFX Edit) - Fauve Records

16 Red Axes Rìu Đô - Hue - !K Records

17 GALXTC - Life Is A Mirror (Version) - Space Grapes

18 Million Dollar Disco Machine ‎– The Loneliest One - Million Dollar Disco

19 Prequel - I Still Love You - Lumberjacks in Hell

20 White Light - I Want You To Know Me - Stroom

21 Merope - Oi Toli - Stroom

22 Atelje - Transition - Vinyl Export

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