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ESPECIAL 016: The Mysterious MISTER R Returns for Another Ride


& then BOOM! MISTER R has returned with a surprise delivery. He/she/it/they just hit us with a drive-by, and left the following note:

Here’s another mix from the mysterious MISTER R…An unknown entity sending signals from an undisclosed location…..outer worldly, hypnotic grooves for your mind/ body / spirit... adjust the volume up a notch to be excused from your present realities... face the frequencies... embrace the mysteries... serenity now.

I say just do as instructed. Hit it, breathe deep and turn it up.

P.S. I will do my best to try to catch a glimpse & snap a pic of Mister R, when & if, a return visit is made. We just get an anonymous email with the music file. If any one out there knows who Mister R is, let us know & we will send you a free O&O tee! Happy hunting.

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