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ESPECIAL 009: Deep in the Forest with MACK LINO

Updated: Aug 30, 2021


Very excited about todays mix. Mack and I have known each other since late 90’s L.A. rave scene and have attended his parties. I would’ve attended more if they weren’t so damn deep in the forest 😂.

Mack Lino is the founder and current head of the JAM On It Productions crew. Along with a small dedicated team, Mack has been producing the Slinky Family Gathering campout since the summer of 2000. With inspirations ranging from all corners of the underground house spectrum, Mack loves to play house music that makes people want to dance, whether that is funky, disco, techy or soulful.

When COVID hit, I’ve been reconnecting with old friends and tuning in to his shows that air on twitch twice a month with great west coast talent. Make sure to tune in Sat. March 20th 12pm-10:30 PT for some great tunes.


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