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ESPECIAL 006: SUMJ Takes a Ride on Eddie's Red Motorbike

Updated: Oct 1, 2021


This ESPECIAL mix by O&O co-founder SUMJ is dedicated to one of our fav labels (Red Motorbike) and fav humans EDDIE C.

SUMJ, as per usual, spins up an all-vinyl live mix of the full Red Motorbike catalog (BIKE 001 -- 020) and reworks the edits with their original source material (SUMJ's crates be deep). Your samples and sources cannot hide from SUMJ.

Like SUMJ, Eddie C is a throwback of sorts. The Canadian selector has become a tenured favourite within the deep house arena and deep-crate edit heads on the back of his relentless touring, expansive DJ sets and compelling productions. Eddie is consistently unpredictable and on-point, and, as the editheads like SUMJ will affirm, he’s not one you’ll ever grow tired of.

O&O inaugurated it's DJ mix series with Eddie's Execursions Mix.

So get the noise-reduction headphones on, light one up and go for a ride with SUMJ on EDDIE's Red Motorbike...

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