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ESPECIAL 002: The ZOO Project


The young ZOO production duo from Genoa Italy started the Zoo Project 3 years ago and made it a full time project in 2020. Their style blends all things techno from dark, acid, and melodic techno.

As they describe it, The Zoo Project is "a place where you can lose yourself and find yourself all over again in an instant, set to an unforgettable soundtrack. Zoo will never forget that it is you, the people who attend the Zoo, that make the Zoo!"

ZOO has made their name and way into clubs in Genoa and now they've made it to us with an exclusive mix.

While the pandemic has put the big parties on hold, this special mix will hopefully hold you over and transport you.

So, find your mickey gloves, whistle, flared out pants, and Elmo backpack and enjoy this mix.

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