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ESPECIAL 001: New Series, New Year Rung in by DJ Bad Lieutenant


OVER&OVER® aims to offer ongoing cultural experiences through various collaborations with djs, brands, local businesses, and creatives, integrating the three things that shape today’s culture: music, fashion and art.

To this end, the “OVER&OVER PRESENTS” series launched in October 2020, showcasing important djs and labels from around the globe every Friday afternoon.

We've received so much response from a wide array of DJs and artists, that we felt it warranted it's own series. And the O&O crew is happy to announce a new weekly series called “ESPECIAL” where we'll release new, eclectic mixes every Wednesday from O&O members and their pals.

For our inaugural ESPECIAL, O&O co-founder DJ BAD LIEUTENANT offers up a special New Year's Eve set (good bye and good riddance 2020!!). The live set originally streamed privately for a small group of friends, recorded for posterity and now lovingly made available for your consumption.

Nearly two hours of disco, Italo and hi-NRG treats to get your over the hump on this Wednesday.

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