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EDITorial 001: SUMJ's Terzeztto Has All the Feels

Updated: Apr 19, 2021


We have a special mix from DJ SUMJ, founding member of OVER&OVER. SUMJ grew up in the shadows of the Blue Ridge mountains of North Carolina; you can still hear the Appalachian twang in his voice. His household growing up was filled with all types of music, informing his sensibilities as a record collector of all genres.

A music obsessive from an early age, SUMJ's knowledge of records across genres is vast, his crates deep. Having spent the better part of his adult life in Brooklyn, and regularly traveling to cities like Montreal and Geneva, SumJ has dj'ed in a variety of places and made connections with collectors and selectors from all over the globe. An ally of Galaxy Sound Company, Ximeno Records and FeelThingsRadio, SUMJ (or ∑J) breaks down borders of genre, tempo and style in each of his sets.

Pre-pandemic you could catch SUMJ locally playing infamous "FAV45s" sets at State Park in Cambridge and Create Gallery in Somerville which he transplanted the series from Brooklyn where he started the night of 45-only sets back in the 90s. He had a busy 2019 globetrotting sets in Vienna, Montreal, Detroit and L.A.

During the pandemic lockdown, he has been busy with O&O, two regular shows on FeelThingsRadio - Ice Cream Castles and the new Terzetto, which is an open canvas for SUMJ to try out new edits and reworks live from his ever growing collection.

SUMJ'S EDITORIAL is a mix of rarefied edit fire from the dude. Plug in and enjoy this 2 hour set of disco, funk, international boogie and the like from one of Boston's best.

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