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040: SUMJ Serves Up A Big Ass Boogie Bento Box

Updated: Oct 26, 2021


OVER&OVER presents SUMJ's Big Ass Boogie Bento Box


O&O co-founder SUMJ brings us a long-player, a big-ass bento box of J-pop boogie and funk. It is a recording of a special set he live-streamed on O&O's IG and other channels. He described it as a deep-crate dedication mix to his pal Hide & his crew at Marusan & Fleurs & Cadeaux in Montréal. He didn't have a lot of time for an interview, but were able to get a short chat via text.

O&O: What's shaking SUMJ?

SUMJ: A tad too much at the moment 👍🏽 ... Running late to the airport

O&O: Got a second for a quick text interview?

SUMJ: Sure, shoot

O&O: What can you tell us about the mix?

SUMJ: It's from a livestream I did on O&O's channels. Lot's of J-pop, boogie & fawnky rarities. All-vinyl.

O&O: Is this a dedication mix?

SUMJ: Yes, it's a cross-border shout out to Hide & the crew at Marusun & Fleurs & Cadeaux. two of my fav spots in Montreal, where you can also catch some killer dj's & music.

O&O: How did you meet Hide or discover these spots?

SUMJ: My pal Kris Guilty (La Rama Records) introduced me to Hide at one his spots Marusan in the before times -- the food & unique wines are fucking amazing, you got to go next time you up north. Kris & Hide are good mates & every time the vibe and food is on point.


When I first met Hide, I had the pleasure of catching one of their Nippon Boogie nights. The music was slamming. We each have a deep love for J-pop funk & boogie.

I've wanted tp spin with them for awhile, but since the borders closed down it made it tricky. So this is the set I was planning on doing. Hopefully with things opening up, I can get up there soon. I admit following them from afar, I am jealous I can't join in the fun.

Anyway, I wanted to send some love up to the crew via a live-stream. This mix is the full set, just under four hours. I think it sounds pretty good, but Listeners, apologies in advance for any glitches as it's the raw recording from the mixer.

Btw, we got to get Hide to do a mix for us soon. His a killer selector. & Kris is down, so that is coming soon. Stay tuned.

Shit, I gotta bounce. Hope you enjoy it.

O&O: No worries. Do your thing.

SUMJ: Thanks! & much love to my Montréal mates Hide & Kris, I hope to see ya soon.

O&O: & thank you for the mix. We are excited to hear what Kris drops for us soon &, yes, we definitely will send an invite our to DJ Hide. Safe travels amigo!

SUMJ: じゃあね is またね (mata ne) & à bientôt!

OVER&OVER presents SUMJ's Big Ass Boogie Bento Box


01 Omae (SUMJ edit) by Ryu Tsuruoka

02 Thousand Knives by Ryuichi Sakamoto

03 Zanzibar Night by Marlene

04 Sky Fire by Eri Ohno

05 Adam To Eve Super Love by Pink Lady

06 Kindaichi Kosuke Nishi E Iku by Yu Imai

07 Pink Shadow by Bread & Butter

08 The Tokyo Taste by Sadistics

09 Finger Cutting by Eiichi Ohtaki

10 Hot Sand by Piper

11 Love Celebration by Kimiko Kasai

12 Rainy Saturday & Coffee Break by Junko Ohashi & Minoya Central Station

13 Kindaichi Kosuke No Theme by The Mystery Kindaichi Band

14 Kanpoo by Yumi Murata

15 Hidari Mune No Seiza by Tetsuji Hayashi

16 Harumifutou by Kyoko Furuya

17 Last Summer Whisper by Anri

18 Bay/Sky Provincetown 1977 by Yuji Toriyama

19 Blind Curve by Momoko Kikuchi

20 Sunlight (feat. Herbie Hancock) by Kimiko Kasai

21 I Thought It Was You by Herbie Hancock

22 I Thought It Was You by Kimiko Kasai & Herbie Hancock

23 I'm In Love by Tomoko Aran

24 Butterfly by Kimiko Kasai

25 Butterfly by Herbie Hancock

26 As by Kimiko Kasai & Herbie Hancock

27 Plastic Bamboo by Ryuichi Sakamoto

28 L.A Night by Yasuko Agata

29 The Cheater by Marlene

30 Live Hard Live Free by Eri Ohno 31 Wagamama (SUMJ edit) by Ryu Tsuruoka

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