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036: SUMJ's Soft & Wet Summer Mix

Updated: Oct 1, 2021


Much like the artist that SUMJ is tipping his hat to in this new exclusive mix (below), he didn't have much to say about the mix, aside from "The mix is a like a polaroid picture of that night... I hope folks have as much fun as we did that night. If you were there, you know & know." Okay then. Well now you can now...

O&O co-founder SUMJ's mix is a bareback boogie mix that was recorded live from the infamous monthly house parties at Rod Rosales' legendary S/ZERUN Supply. It was from these nights that OVER&OVER was born.

The mix is chock full of live edits by SUMJ, some only found here. He is a Prince head for sure, has some of the deepest rare Prince wax in his crates that could rival Moodyman or Questlove. He treats us to a few here in what was a warm-up set but, for those in attendance, it was a highlight of the night.

While the spot closed its doors to the pandemic, O&O lives on and you can hear it in this mix. Good times, good music & good vibes. What a real house party is about. So turn it up, get lit and get down.

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