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033: SUMJ Shares a Moment from the Night O&O Was Born


Hi & hello O&O fans. Last week I spun my first live DJ set for actual human beings in the same space. It was so wonderful to be back it. I do have a recording of the set, which was a special FAV45s set, and we will post it up here soon. But in the meantime, I found a special recording of another live DJ set that I had thought was lost -- a couple of hours from my set at the very first OVER&OVER® house party I put on with my partner-in-crime Rod Rosales at his infamous spot S/ZERUN SUPPLY.

That night OVER&OVER® was born from a very intimate night celebrating art, design, and music -- with close friends and the extended fam. It's a night of showing off records and trying to impress each other with what gems we had in our crates. In true O&O style, Rod and I would play off of each other's selections.

The mix, as all of my sets, is an all-vinyl live set with bonus treats of on-the-deck, live edits. Intended to prick up the ears of Rod and fellow music nerds and then flip what they expect or are familiar with and take it somewhere new.

As we slowly open back up, I know we can't really return to some "new normal" but this mix reminds me of what I am looking forward to -- playing wax for good people and friends just celebrating life.

Please to enjoy...

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