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031: A Glimpse into the Future with BAD LIEUTENANT

Updated: May 6, 2021


It feels a bit strange writing a blog about me, so I'll try to shift the attention a bit. It's been over a year since the reality of the pandemic set in. It's changed all our lives in the process. So many have suffered and we're not overlooking that, but this thing has always been about bringing joy and tapping into something greater: the positive and transcendent force of music and art. I'm lucky enough to be in a position to have survived and learned a few things during the pandemics, finding some bright spots through it all, not the last of which is this OVER&OVER project, and the relationships I've formed through it, which has added a new dimension to my already full life.

It all started when I met Rod and SUMJ, the original OVER&OVER members in December 2019 in Rod's shop, Sizerun Supply, the center of Boston streetwear, a cultural hub for the youth of New England and beyond.

We hit it off immediately with a shared love of music, design, art, DJ culture. I was blown away by the depth of SUMJ's record collection and his stories from NYC, MTL, and his home of North Carolina; by Rod's knowledge and experience with fashion, skate, art, and the music world having grown up in LA in the 80's and 90's and working for the big brands across the country. We'd go on to host parties, and play at the shop regularly. It was always a pleasure to see the young cats rolling in to peep the action, shoot the shit, scope Rod's curated collection of streetwear and merch, and simply talk, laugh and learn from the older dudes. I knew I'd found my new creative home in Boston, a city I've been around my whole life but hadn't found the people who were on that same wavelength and aesthetic tip. It was a vibe.

When the shop was forced to close, we were all gutted. We pivoted hard, starting this passion project of OVER&OVER PRESENTS, putting the emphasis on music for the next phase of development, not knowing if it would have legs or not, or what to expect when we started asking folks to contribute. The goal was always to bring quality music from artists we love and respect to the table during lockdown, and continue to do our thing connecting all the pieces. Now here we are, 30+ episodes in, with so many dope artists who we've bonded with in the experience. For me, it's a manifestation of a dream that I've had for some time and have faith will continue.

I'm so grateful to everyone who has contributed, remaining inspired by the music that has been shared. I'm humbled to be in the same lineup as some of my favorite artists and caan't thank them enough and to all the people who have supported us in small and large ways. Today I'm dropping a mix of futuristic deep house, balearica, disco and some other treats. Deep and eclectic vibes with some pulse, trying to lean into that Spring Fever. I hope it tells a compelling story, but you can be the judge. Keep it locked as we wade into the next wave of OVER&OVER. This is just the start. Turn on those speakers and bump it baby.


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