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024: The Long Arc of the Night with TIAGO MIRANDA

Updated: Jun 26, 2021


In the heart of Lisbon stands a club known as Lux Fragil. A Lisbon institution, the club has become representative of the Portuguese capital’s vital underground dance music scene. Since its opening in 1997, it has had one resident DJ: Mr. Tiago Miranda, or Tiago for short. Tiago is perhaps Portugal’s best known DJ, venerated for his wide ranging sets that can include anything from obscure psych rock to pulsing techno. What you get from Tiago depends on the setting. The man rarely plays the same record twice.

What remains consistent for Tiago is his ability to read and connect with a crowd, a skill he developed and deepened over decades on the decks, spawned by the creativity and risk taking that comes with being a resident DJ who learned how to curate music for the long arc of a night. His wide ranging musical influences also shape his productions. Tiago is prodigious in the studio with releases on Leng, DFA, Italians Do It Better, Ene Records (Chida’s label), Jolly Jams (Kaos’s label), Hands of Time, Internasjonal, Public Possession, and of course his own Interzona13 imprint.

Tiago’s home of Lisbon has always been a city regarded as a hidden gem of Europe - tourists often flock to its Eastern Iberian neighbor for vacation and culture. Tiago himself quietly emerged from the city’s strong rave scene in the 1990s that wasn’t well-known outside of its borders.

He was a group member of the band Pop Delle Arte before moving behind the decks. Given his knowledge of music, DJ’ing was a natural fit for Tiago. Since his first gig in the 1990s he’s been a jewel of the dance music world and is living proof that substance can trump image.

While Tiago keeps a low profile on social media, he’s amassed hordes of friends internationally having toured the world since the 2000s. Playing Europe, Asia and the States has allowed Tiago to delve even deeper into the crates and live out the maxim that music has no boundaries.

Never letting success get to his head, Tiago is known as one of the nicest people in dance music; has been pure class in all of our interactions with him leading up to the release of mix. We are excited to share what he has in store for you.

Learn more about Tiago and the mix in our interview below. Be sure to buy some of his music and keep him on your radar so you don’t miss out on one of the best DJ’s underground dance music has to offer.


Tiago, thank you so much for joining our series! We’re stoked to put out your mix…

First off, how has life been for over the past year? You’ve spent so much of your adult life in clubs, have you welcomed any of the changes?

Well, thank YOU for having me. Much happy to be part of something so well thought and maintained.

About last year, guess there’s always a positive to every negative, but, a positive still to come though.

What do you miss most about clubbing? Where’s your favorite place to play in the world?

I surely miss dancing with other bodies and nothing I may rationalise atm can change that.

My favourite place is the one I miss the most and that’s Lux.

Can you tell us a bit about Lisbon’s clubbing scene? You were at the nexus with Lux Fragil from the very beginning…

Lisbon has been harbouring a healthy eclectic tradition since the rave/acid house scene. Some styles are bigger than others of course but you can find any style here on a regular weekend. Before Lux I was living among friends in this little neighborhood called Bairro Alto, we would rock and play every little venue there and eventually started a Crew. We then got our own club (Ciclone) and for a year or so we took Lisbon playing with the freshest urban sounds emerging (Drum and Bass being the newest). After that we got back to the neighborhood that took us first and then Lux opened. I was invited to be a resident there before it opened so I had a chance to witness and be part of the creation of it all.

You are known for your deep digging and ability to play across style and genre. How do you prepare for gigs? Does it depend on your mood or do you think about the crowd or venue?

At Lux we have two floors that we play. They are very different from each other, either in style, space or rhythm, and I prepare my music accordingly. When I travel I bring those two floors with my music, and that's pretty much it. While playing, every detail is transformed into energy.

Finding inspiration right now can be difficult… What are your greatest artistic or musical inspirations / influences (at least at the moment)?

Music wise I have been silent for some time. Not listening, not looking. Felt good. My biggest influence was the break I was taking, I forced it on myself, and I'm reverberating the effects of that. But I did listen to some music at home, say, when I am cooking and that sort of thing.

What can you tell us about this mix? You’ve called it the “Sperm mix”... How and where it was recorded? What environment should one listen to it?

This mix turned me into listening/looking again. I reached into music for this (old and new) and I got psyched to move again, so, thank you so much for that.

I recorded it at the club, I never owned any DJ gear so I had to organize the session there, and it felt weird because the club was empty, but good because I was recording it there.

Please listen to it as you may please, try it now maybe?

What’s next for Tiago? Productions/ releases? Do you have any predictions about how things will change?

Because I have been quiet I haven't done or planned much (only now starting) so could be anything, from a metal band to singing chansons or producing computerized sounds… On predictions, no nostradamus here but I hope the kids that lost it last year will come with an appetite for destruction, I mean, claiming it all, with no segregation, no typified genres, playing it with fresh styles and beautiful manners.

There you have it from one of clubland’s best, Mr. Tiago Miranda, the man, the myth, the legend. Listen closely kids…

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