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023: We're All Invited to JUAN NUNEZ's Private Disco

Updated: Jun 26, 2021


Juan Nunez is one of the dons of the Los Angeles underground. A fixture of LA’s DJ circuit in the 1990s, Juan developed close ties with some of the early pioneers of West Coast house and made his own imprint on LA’s burgeoning scene.

In 1999, Juan started WAX records with longtime friend and collaborator Doc Martin. A well-curated brick and mortar location on Melrose Ave, Wax was a nexus for emerging DJ’s and scenesters hanging out in Hollywood; the store supplied the firepower for raves and parties throughout the city and beyond.

Juan and his comrades’ parties became well known for reflecting the diversity of sounds found in the shop’s collection, shaped into nights of refined hedonism.

By the early 2000’s Juan and Doc started a record label of the same name that gained international respect for its output. Juan went on to create his own offshoot sublabel, Freestyle LTD, with releases from dancefloor heavy-hitters like the Idjut Boys and the Drunk. Freeestyle LTD releases mirrored Juan’s open ended approach a DJ. Juan has also released his own productions on American Standard, Westbound, Compu_Sol and Tango recording labels. He continues to be sought after as a producer and remixer.

Juan took a brief hiatus from the nightlife only to pick up where he left off touring nationally and around the world prior to Covid. Juan is best known for his refined taste and distinctive sound as DJ. He has an ability to connect with his audience and push the energy of the night in the direction he wants. Currently you can find Juan delivering the goods every Friday night on his show on Twitch.

We are stoked to release Juan’s killer mix which showcases his unique style and builds a real narrative for the listener. Strap your headphones on and be transported to a new space. We’re all invited to Juan’s private disco.

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