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017: Uplifting Dancefloor Architect ESQUIVEL Warms the Soul

Updated: Jun 10, 2021


For the past three decades, Eduardo Esquivel has been the architect of uplifting dancefloor experiences throughout Latin America.

A native of Uruguay, Esquivel has a global music sensibility and a love of dance music in all its forms. His long career in music and clubs has sharpened his ability to curate music to fit the environment and audience. As a DJ, Esquivel spins aural cocktails of disco, house and techno with a distinctly Latin flavor. His sets trigger imagery of bright colors, and the sweet smells and tropical ambiences of the landscapes he inhabits.

In 2002, Esquivel gained exposure in Mexico as part of the Ministry of Sound Global Tour; his career was propelled forward with his recognition as one of the best DJ’s of the Americas by the Ministry. Since then, Esquivel has been a mainstay of some of Latin America’s best parties including nights at the D-Edge club in Sao Paolo on his annual tours to Brazil.

After years touring the country, Esquivel made Mexico City his home. He’s been sought after by Mexico’s most exclusive venues such as Blanco Colima in La Roma area, where he also serves as a resident DJ, music curator and booker. The last few years have seen Esquivel release productions with great acclaim including his recently released EP Psiconauta on Mexico’s DRecords, all while keeping up a hectic tour schedule with a variety of other projects.

When I first tuned into his weekly online show on Mumbo Jumbo, I was struck by Esquivel’s seamless mixing across genres and his knowledge of records across time and place.

While Esquivel is a seasoned club DJ, it’s clear he feels just as comfortable interacting with an audience on camera, a skill he forged as a radio host on programs such as “House Nation” and “Ya Es Manana” (Radio Futura) and “Blue People” on Uruguyan radio. Watch Mumbo Jumbo or any of his online performances on Youtube or Instagram, and you’ll observe Esquivel’s smooth aesthetic, deep knowledge of music and connection with his fans.

One of the silver linings of these months in lockdown has been the opportunity to witness great artists we might not have necessarily connected with in the pre-Covid era. When I saw and listened to Esquivel the first time, I knew we had to have him join our O&O series to share his music and shed some light on the dance music scene in Mexico right now. I have no doubt Esquivel will lay down an hour of music for your mind, body and soul.

Esquivel Links: SC| IG | FB | Youtube

Interview w/BadLT.

Hola Esquivel! Gracias por unirse a nuestra serie!

Como Estas?! How is life as an artist in Covid?

Hola Amigos, Thank you for the invitation. A pleasure joining in. Crazy strange days we are living in! As a family that lives from the music activities we are struggling with the social and economic side effects of the pandemic. On the personal side I´ve found this time also as an opportunity to dig deep into myself and focus in on forgotten or delayed ideas, for example the Psiconauta EP was mastered and released during this covid times.

As I stated above, I was introduced to you through your online show on Mumbo Jumbo. Can you tell us a little bit about your show and what other projects you have been working on recently?

Mumbo Jumbo Radio show was a long dream that we´ve never found the time to bring to life and the lockdown was the perfect excuse to put the project in action. It´s like a reunion with friends where I open my living room and my record collection and invite you to spend some time listening to good music. Apart from Mumbo Jumbo Radio I´ve been re arranging my production studio and investing more time in studying instruments and working in new music, edits and remixes.

How was the scene in Uruguay growing up? How did you get into dance music?

Small but friendly, there used to be only one club for electronic music called Milenio, then changed the name to Key, I had the chance to share the Dj booth with very talented local artists there and meet people that I still consider friends after 20 years.

Uruguay it has a population of 3.5 million so the market for music is not as big as in other countries but is full of very creative people.

My father used to collect music so as a child I visited record stores because of him, then growing up I was the dj of the house parties at college.

Spending time at record stores as a teenager I learn a lot about the music, and the art of the Dj. Back in those days we didn´t have internet, we used to know about what was happening on the international scene through magazines like Keyboard or the Record Mirror that were available only at the library of the english language institute, Anglo in Montevideo. That took me to my first Dj residency in a beautiful club named Extasis, the year was 1991.

What have been some of the best experiences for you in your long career in dance music? Do you have a favorite country or club to play in?

Traveling, visiting incredible places that if it wasn´t for the music I probably would never have known. Creating relationships with likeminded people from all over the world.

If I have to mention clubs, my favourite nights are at Departamento, a small sized venue in México City with incredible vibe, and of course evenings or nights at the Blanco Colima terrace, both places are located at La Roma area.

Mexico is your adopted home. What is the dance music scene like in Mexico right now?

México has this mixture of beautiful people, tradition, different regions with different weather and distinctive flavours, this attracts visitors from all over the world.

Historically México had the biggest music scene in all Latin America. The electronic scene always surprises me with fresh sounds and interesting new colors, for instance my favourite local label at the moment is Calypso Records, with their blend of experimental but groovy sounds but if you are looking for disco I can recommend labels like Super Spicy, Furious Mandrill or Discoweey.

Do you think the pandemic will have any long term effects on the world of dance music?

Yes, in all areas there´s an inclination to the online consumption of art and products, there is no news that with music it´s happening the same. I´m not a fan of song or track streaming, but we will have to adopt part of this new ways; you know I´m a record store rat, a dreamer, I´m waittng after the pandemic for a new ¨Summer of Love¨ when the people could hug and laugh again and we can return to play music in clubs, terraces, parks and share good vibes all across the globe.

What should we expect from Esquivel in the future?

The vinyl release of Psiconauta is priority on the plans... also I´m experimenting a lot at the studio at this moment so new EPs maybe an album. Also some reworks under a not so mysterious alias. In the closer, closer future we are returning to the Radio Show live in February with new ideas and different ways to share good music with our community. Hope to see you there!

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