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015: SUMJ's This Not My Shit But Dis Is Somebody's Shit Who I Respect Mix

Updated: Apr 19, 2021


Hola amigos! Happy New Year.

I just dropped a mix that I think we could all use right now --a roller-boogie sunshine mix of goodness. Simple straight up funky, soulful vibes. The set is a live recording of a recent long livestream I did for @OVERANDOVERPRESENTS.

The mix, as all of my sets, is an all-vinyl live set with bonus treats of on-the-deck, live edits. This impromptu set was a little different, as I wasn’t spinning from my own crates but from a stax o’ wax my partner-in-crime’s and fellow O&O crewmember Rod Rosales, left at my house.

Rod is an amazing selector, and this stax caused an itch that I had to scratch. I also like the challenge as it’s intended to test my live mixing and editing skills -- no digital trickery, no sampling, just old-school.

Yes, the title is long, but intentional. It’s taken from one of the tracks in the mix, “The Right Way” by Pépé Bradock & The Grand Brûlé's Choir. In the track, there is a voiceover that says “This is not my shit, but dis is somebody’s shit who I respect.” The set was intended to be a dedication of sorts for my man Rod who left his recs at my place so it fit all too well. “This is not my shit” - shit being Rod’s records, and “dis is somebody’s shit who i respect” - somebody being Rod.

When I first met Rod, we connected over dj-ing, music, art, design. It wasn’t long before we started spinning wax together. Rod more on the digital side, and I, as you know, am a vinyl-only nerd.

Over the last couple of years, it wouldn’t be surprising to walk into Rod’s shop, S/ZERUN SUPPLY, and see us playing records. Impromptu sets. Always for the love of the music. It was just like my old sessions back in Brooklyn with my crew. We’d share music we loved, taught each other about rare records and genres we’d explored.

I got Rod to get back into spinning vinyl. He comes from that background having grown up dj’ing in LA during the 80s and 90s. While he has been mostly digital, he has this lovely back collection of records he’d bust out from time to time. It took off from there. We did a few impromptu late night dj sets for friends, which would eventually turn into the OVER&OVER monthly parties. Catered, mix of art and dj’ing with a crew of folks who have love for the shop and for the music we’d curate for them.

The reason this is a dedication mix to Rod and to OVER&OVER is we are really missing our home space, hanging, feeding off each other’s vibe. As you know, the fallout from the COVID pandemic hit many small businesses hard. It really hit Rod hard to lose the physical shop where OVER&OVER was born, where so many good memories and friendships were forged. This is a dedication to him, to S/ZERUN Supply, what he built for the community, and the extended family. And a reminder we are still here, despite the challenges… the spirit of the shop lives on.

Rod’s shop was more than a clothing, gear store. It was a home for many, a place to hang, all creeds and kinds. It became that for me too...

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