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010: The Elusive PETE BLAKER Drops an Exclusive

Updated: Apr 28, 2021


Not much is known about Pete Blaker, and it seems he’d prefer to keep it that way. What is known about the Amsterdam-based producer and DJ is that he has made a number of slick edits that instead of being released to the public, have ended up in the capable hands of DJ Harvey and played in his sets around the globe.

While Pete tends to keep it quiet, his productions and edits made a lot of noise at Pikes Ibiza and countless other locations on Harvey’s world tours. We were pleased to track Pete down for a mix for our EXCURSIONS series. He was kind enough to give us an exclusive hour mix composed of some of his favorites. Even in social distance mode Pete’s mix is bound to get your heart racing. Pete’s mix is a great warmup for the dancefloor that we hope will re-emerge in 2021.

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