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008: Just Like Sylvester says, OVER&OVER&OVER Again

Updated: Apr 19, 2021


It has been a minute since we were able to throw a proper OVER&OVER party. The pandemic has forced us into twitching & live-streaming. It is something, but far from the real deal.

Our good friend, fav human being and amazing chef/business woman Colleen lent us her killer restaurant space (Riffrulo) to record (and, yes, livestream) a live late-night, after-hours set -- socially distanced of course. This mix is a chronicle of the O&O crew (Rod, SUMJ & Bad Lieutenant) doing their thang as best they can. It was a pleasure just to be in the same space, showing off records, trying to make each other's head nod & light it up. A sonic mini oasis, just for a spell.

Check out the full 4-hr set here, or it's been lovingly cut up for you below...

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