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007: Take a Load Off & Dive into DJ LLOYD's Box of World Treasures

Updated: Apr 29, 2021


The last few weeks have been an emotional roller coaster for all of us in the United States. Last week’s election victory, however, gave us all something to celebrate. To dispel the bad spirits of the last 4 years, we're turning to one of our great cities that represents many of the best aspects of our national identity: diversity, hard work, dynamism, resilience, and an orientation toward the future.

Enter the New York City record collector, world traveller, runner, party promoter, radio host, and DJ, Lloyd Harris, an integral part of New York city’s dance culture and nightlife.

Lloyd was one of the founders of the Lot Radio in Brooklyn. The once abandoned parking lot was transformed by Lloyd and his friend Francois into an 24/7 online radio station. For the last several years, the repurposed shipping container in this Williamsburg lot has been a home for local NYC’ers and a daytime destination for some of the finest international dj’s visiting the city on their USA tour circuit. Lloyd is also a weekly host of a radio show on the Lot called “Dream On” (formally Dinner with Lloyd) and he continues to help program the lineup of weekly radio slots. The radio station provides a great alternative to clubs, allowing dj’s and bands to play some of their favorite, off the beaten path records with no expectation of big bass line drops or 4/4 structures. No bathroom. No frills. Just music.

Lloyd is also a founder of Bushwick’s Tiki Disco, and part of the dj trio of the same name along with Eli Escobar and Andy Pry. What started as a bi-weekly event in the summer of 2009 became a year-round happening in the city. The party supplies a festive atmosphere with superb music that became irresistible for partygoers throughout the city. Hopefully it will be making a comeback in the summer of 2021.

Along with dj’ing, running the radio station, and planning parties, Lloyd is an avid traveler. This week’s mix is a testament to his record collecting from cities around the world and his curation skills as a dj. We’re sure he’s missing traveling around the world.

Tapping into ambient, European new wave, proto electro, Asian funk, trip hop, and even a cut off Belize’s Bro David from local record label Cultures of Soul, Lloyd uses music to take us on an aural journey. Take a load off on this Friday afternoon by diving into the Lloyd’s box of world treasures. It’s a vibe.

Interview w/BadLT.

Hey Lloyd! How you doing with the insanity of the past several weeks?

I’ve been good. Just trying to keep a level head and stick to projects and things I enjoy. With the election coming I found it important to maintain a momentum of staying busy so that the outcome however good or bad didn’t throw me off course.

How are you adjusting to life as a dj and artist during Covid?

I’m adjusting well. I’ve been in and out of clubs every week for the last 20 years. Covid was the break I didn’t know i needed. Obviously it’s devastated our country in so many ways. So in return I try to take advantage of this break as much as possible. To not let it be in vein. Whether it be starting projects, running, music or just trying to stay positive.

How is the Lot Radio going?

It’s going well. We’re coming off of an interesting summer. Being outdoors was kind of a win for us.

This mix is full of eclectic delights. Can you tell us how your travel to different parts of the world influences you dj’ing?

Yea, sure. I find being in America however great it is musically it can be a bit insular. Going to places abroad I find that other DJ’s not only embrace our music but other countries and cultures a little more that we do. I’ve always tried seek different kinds of music but traveling only reenforced that. Hearing another cultures take on what might considered American music is always refreshing to me and at times I prefer it.

What’s your favorite record in your collection right now? Favorite track on the mix?

Not sure i can answer that one. However “Wishing Well” by Kofi is playing while i write this and it’s also the last song on my mix.

Plans for the future?

Stay busy. Stay healthy. Hope for the best. Prepare for the worst.

If you could play in one city or space when clubbing gets back to normal, what would it be?

Hard to say but if I had to choose i would stay right here in New York. With everything that’s happened I wouldn’t miss the first opportunity to play here again. Especially after this lock down that will probably happen. It would be insane.

Definitely New York.




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