003: Outer-Worldly Selections from One of the Best Kept Secrets in DiscoLand HUGH MANE


The life of Mark Gilbert aka Hugh Mane is shrouded in mystery. A British expat currently residing in Oslo, Mark’s biographical information is nearly impossible to find. Quite a feat by today's standards. A bit of interweb research will instead lead one to a slew of eclectic musical productions released over a substantive but quiet career.

Delve a bit deeper and you’ll find that many of these productions have been championed by some of the most respected international djs in the industry such as DJ Harvey and the Idjut Boys.

While Mark has released music under a variety of aliases and labels, it appears he has made it a point not to promote his work by utilizing conventional social media channels. Instead, Mark continues to prioritize and invest in music over image, making him a rare beast in the dance music landscape.

Whether operating under the moniker of Stupid Human, Hugh Mane, or in collaboration with his partner Will Overill in Eccentric’s Disco, Mark’s respect for the artform is palpable.

It didn’t take me very long to notice Mark’s steering toward the deeper and more subtle tracks that critics sometimes fit into the catch all phrase “balearic” or “leftfield” but in actuality are much harder to define.

A wide array of influences are overlayed on Mark's tracks and dj'ing, making his style hard to pin down in neat cliches. However you want to define them, Mark’s productions and mixes consistently demonstrate a commitment to push dance music beyond global boundaries into the cosmic stratosphere. His O&O mix is no different.

Expect an hour of diverse, low-slung, outer-worldly selections from one of the best kept secrets in DiscoLand.

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