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001: EDDIE C

Updated: Oct 26, 2021


Self-taught musician, avid skier, label honcho, globe-trotter, renaissance man. The dynamic lifestyle of Eddie C is emblematic of the OVER&OVER brand, making the Canadian producer and DJ a perfect fit for the maiden voyage of our new series.

Born and raised in a small town in Ontario, Eddie C’s musical tastes were influenced by the sounds emanating from the surrounding cities of Detroit, Toronto and Montreal. His first foray into music production as a teen came in the form of tape-edit experiments inspired greatly by radio. His journeys to record shops and raves in the aforementioned cities exposed him to the world of Acid-House and Techno, igniting his passion for electronic music, which eventually led to a career in radio, music production and DJing.

Recognized as a pioneer of the Slo-mo Disco and House scene, Eddie’s musical adventures were counterbalanced by a love of skiing, culminating in a 10 year furlough in the Rocky Mountains of Canada. It was here in his log cabin studio that Eddie released many of the productions revered by DJs and vinyl enthusiasts around the world on labels such as Endless Flight, Sleazy Beats, Wolf Music and Crue-L, to name a few.

In 2011, Eddie C relocated to Berlin where he found a new musical home and launchpad for his label Red Motorbike. He's been detonating dance floors there ever since.

Don't sleep on Eddie's new Best Friend mix series, support his music over at his Bandcamp page (SUMJ has the entire collection which he reworked here), and follow his globe-trotting hi-jinks on Instagram.

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